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We, The Lost and Weary

We live in a world where waist size and thigh gaps dictate our beauty.

We roam across lands full of judges of our worth based on our money.

We dwell on a planet where the number of sexual partners you have is a status of value.

We walk through parties filled with smoke clouds and are left out if we don't want to.

We listen to words of negativity out of the mouths of joy thieves.

We face threats of violence because we can't agree on different beliefs.

We are choked with crippling anxiety from our fast paced planet.

We swim in an ocean of technological connections; yet we are too alone to manage.

We hear lies spread like a virus about where we can find peace, find a home.

We eat words and spit them back up like we don't cry every time we are alone.

We look into mirrors so absorbed with being beautiful and getting told so.

We spend hours on a rectangle that we let tell us how our worth is low.

We tumble into patterns of a world tangled in Satan's den.

We sprint home from a day of working, just to do it all again.

We hide from the diagnosis from our doctor, scared what lies around the bend.

We lay awake all night for hours, wondering when it all will end.

We forget to open our Bibles, just to take a little peek.

We neglect to remember our Father, who gave us the Prince of Peace.

We let it slip our minds that we were not given a spirit of fear, but of love.

We skip over the time when the Holy Spirit could be filling us with joy from above.

We never take a step back to know we are set apart from these desires of this flesh.

We seem not to remember that God has a plan for each and every little mess.

We lose sight of the goal of treasures stored up in heaven, and not here on Earth.