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17 things I learned in college outside the classroom

We learn so much in college that has nothing to do with the classroom--here are some of my life lessons

1. It is okay to tell people "no"

Being a people pleaser will ultimately end up exhausting you. If you don't want to go out, or you don't want to drink, or you don't want to stay after the study session for the gossip portion--then by all means say no!

2. Don't buy the cheapest toilet paper that Wal-Mart sells. Your bum won't thank you.

Seriously, the few extra dollars for the mega roll of cloud-like white goodness will be so worth it. Now, the cheapest paper plates that Wal-Mart sells? That's a different story.

3. Cutting your own bangs will probably end in regret

Okay, I know you watched like 43 YouTube videos of how to cut your own bangs and you think you know just how to tailor them to your face to compliment your eyes, and new hair is just the thing you need for the interview for that summer internship--but trust me, just go spend the $30 to let the professional cut your bangs.

4. It's okay to have meltdowns, but don't let it stop you

Go call your Mom, your Dad, or your best friend and cry about every reason that you think you should drop out and why college is a crazy roller coaster that you are convinced is going to kill you, but then get it together and realize that you're not alone and you're learning and it's okay to have a meltdown for a minute.