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A College Roommate Who Became A Best Friend


There are very few people I know personally who would get up at 6am on their day off and drive 2 hours to have breakfast and a photoshoot in a public library and on the streets of downtown Knoxville--but JoDee did it. The sun glared through the window of the tiny diner we sat in and reflected off the table warm and bright. The smell of fried southern breakfast and piping hot coffee paired with the hustle and bustle noises of a busy diner was just what we both needed. We sat and simply talked. We caught up on our lives and pretended to be the Gilmore girls while we chatted away with our mouths full of delicious food. Sharing those special kinds of conversations that are precious to a sisterhood. Flashback to 2 years ago, and I would have never guessed I would be sitting across from her in a little diner on a Friday morning, graduated and unemployed, with my whole life up in the air and ahead of me. JoDee and I barely knew each other when we moved in together my senior year of college, and her junior. Honestly, all I wanted was to get through that dreaded last year of college (having fifth year senioritis should be an official disorder on web MD) and graduate and move back to Knoxville. Of course, I was planning to make some memories and have some fun, but I never thought I would find such a tight knit sisterhood with a girl I barely knew. We bonded over having eerily same upbringings, wondering if our mothers were actually sisters and no one ever told us, and we quickly started to develop our own "traditions" for every little thing we did. Trips to the public library on a cold fall night, lighting 30 candles at once to cover every corner of our apartment, splitting the cost of all our groceries so we could cook/eat together for every meal, ice cream and donuts at the train depot at midnight, late night talks on the balcony that were mostly just strongly opinionated political debates (even though we share the exact same views), deep cries together when something went wrong, celebrations when life went our way, far too many Halloween and Christmas movies (just kidding, there are never enough), carpooling to Knoxville when we needed our mamas, and oh so much more. Its just a special kind of friendship, one that God blessed me with unexpectedly, and I am so thankful it happened while we were living together. Graduation started to creep up, and suddenly I wasn't so desperately ready for it. I moved back to Knoxville and left JoDee with new roommates and one more year left of school, worried how often we'd get to have those special moments. But it is just easy to carry on a friendship when the friendship is, well, easy. Natural. Precious. And that leads me to us now, I can't wait to let her talk my ear off in a diner every time she comes home, and I can't wait to drive to Cookeville and gab about how crazy my life is and make new "traditions" and memories with her. A college roommate who turns out to be your best friend truly is an amazing gift, and I think the pure joy in this photo shoot really proves it.