Open Letter To My Sister-In-Law married my gross, nose picking brother--who I honestly never thought would find real love because he picked his nose so much and was just so weird. And because he had so much love in his heart that I didn't think any woman would be good enough to receive it all. But God knew you were written in our family's book long before we did. I watched my goofy brother turn into a man as you opened his eyes to how it truly felt to be loved. And better than all that sappiness, I found a sister that I never had. I never had a girl to make fun of my Mom and Dad and brother with. No one ever felt so comfortable with me in my childhood home that hadn't been a part of a my childhood. I prayed for a sister when I was little, even if my Mom told me she wouldn't have more babies. I wished for someone to try on clothes with, crack up with, for someone older and wiser to give me dating advice, for someone to bully my brother with me because his hobbies as we grew up consisted of sports, girls, and picking on me. I hoped that one day, one of the girls he would bring home to meet Mom and Dad wouldn't look at me as just a cute play mate who she could babysit on the weekend, but as a sister. And suddenly you came along and looked at me like your little sis. God answers prayers in funny ways, and I may have been 16 and "too grown up" in my head to need a sister when you popped in, but you have shaped me into the woman I am today. I went through a break up with you there to take me to lunch and talk it over. And I continued to watch you love my brother--and give me hope that I might find that kind of love one day. I stand today in church and worship next to my sister, and pray over her as she prays over me, and I feel so grateful that my brother fell in love with someone that I also get to grow old with. I thank our good Lord that you love me enough to make fun of me when I act like an idiot, spit your gum in my hand every time you are tired of chewing it (which happens far too often), make dinner for me every time I come over, treating my brother like he deserves (and most of the time doesn't deserve), and being the best big sister that my parents didn't give me--but God did. 

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