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11 Thoughts Every Old Soul Has Thought

So you're an old soul. Been called it many times, you know deep down that you were born in the wrong time and you are just an 80 something trapped in a 20 something body. These are 11 thoughts that every old soul has had

1. "That is not music..."

Every time you are with people your age it seems they start playing this music that doesn't have actual lyrics, or only superficial lyrics, and somehow they all know the words and the tune and you're left wondering why they couldn't play some Clapton, Zeppelin, Armstrong, or Seals & Crofts.

2. "Yeah, I am not paying $40 for that ONE shirt..."

Urban Outfitters? The enemy of an old soul. Everything these young people wear these days is over priced attire from department stores that could easily be found at a thrift store. Why would I spend $40 on one item when I could get three new outfits at a thrift store for that kind of money!

3. "No, I don't want to go out with you at 11pm..."

11 PM? Not AM? What are you going to do at that hour? That's easily an hour past my bed time, and how am I going to function in the morning if I don't get a good night of rest?

4. "I don't understand all these slang terms..."

Woke? Lit? Extra? Yolo? Fam? AF? Thirsty? Salty? You never understand what these things mean, and it feels like you have to google half the things your friends say to you.

5. "Wow...I really am the mom of the group..."

Oh you have a blister? Don't worry, I have a bandaid in my purse.