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The Best Friend Who Helps You Survive

Phases upon phases of such embarrassing outfit choices and bad hair cuts and then hair extensions and drugstore makeup and heavily edited pictures. Skinny jeans, hair straightened so much that our ears poked out from behind it, and a whole lotta teen angst that spawned from nowhere, because, let's be honest we both had the best childhoods. "Rebellious" phases where the craziest thing we did was skip first period math and go get icees at Bi-Lo. (If our

mothers are reading this...yes we skipped math but look how far we came). And then there was AP art class, where we found our outlets and started to figure out we actually were wholesome teenagers who were just looking for everything teenagers are looking for: fun, to fit in, to feel wanted, to fall in love, and to be happy. We went from the the 6th graders in the not-so-smart math class who sat together (wonder if the math thing is a coincidence?) admiring each other's bright chuck taylors to seniors in high school trying to figure out who we were in this world and what dresses we were going to wear to prom. Everything in between that time? Well, you were there. Break ups, more embarrassing phases that mostly just included bad taste in music and strange outfit choices, sleepovers upon sleepovers, oh and of course endless laughters through the whole thing. Do you remember looking back our senior year on all the times before that and thinking, "oh my god...what were we thinking?" And now I look back at senior year and somehow I seem to think the same thing of it. But I wouldn't change one second of it all. But then we graduated. And suddenly everyone's accepted to all these universities far away and know what they want to do, or at least we thought they did, and everything was changing. Aren't you'd supposed to grow up, and "never talk to your high school friends after high school, because they'll leave"? If there's anything I hate, it's stereo types. "People grow up and leave." No, not always. I refuse to believe that is always true. "You can't have more than one best friend." No, that is never true. That's a lie made up by jealous girls who think it's impossible to share their friend because