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To The Best Friend Who Prays For You

Some women never find their soul sister, some women never get to dance through aisles of a

department store in sweat pants and wet hair just to smell candles together because they couldn't take the stresses of the day and they needed to get away from everyone but each other. Some women never get to share pieces of their soul that are ugly, deep and tender with another woman: an experience completely different than telling a man. There's something about confiding in your best friend, there's something all too precious about it being so unbelievably easy to be together for days on end and not once wish you were any other place. Some women never get to lay and cry in their best friend's lap because God's plan was different than their own. Some women never get to make jokes and watch movies as if they're innocent children with no worries, even though they're in their twenties and scared to death. Some women never get to be around someone and not concern themselves with time, or that they're running out of it. Some women never get to move 100 miles away from home into a new apartment with new friends, and find an endearing lifelong connecting other half. I'm a woman who did. Who found a friend-who never, not once, puts herself before me. I'm a woman who gets to cherish memories of nights when the power went out and we were so far away from our Mothers and so we comforted each other. I'm a woman who gets to remember the nights that we were much more interested in laying in my bed and talking about every detail of our lives than we were interested in sleeping and getting up at 7am to go to class. I'm a woman who gets to watch endless videos where our eyes were filled with tears and babbling words because we were laughing way too hard at something no one else found funny-at all. I'm a woman who gets to owe so much spiritual growth to a roommate who turned out to be a lifelong absolute BEST friend.

We are women who experienced loss when we ended up living in different cities, out of the blue, hundreds of miles from each other. We are women who had planned living on a farm together with our husbands and raising babies together as one big family. We are women who made a choice to not let a dislocation become a miscommunication. In fact, it never seemed like a choice. It was a given. "Call me when you get there." Because neither one of us was going to sleep unless we knew the other was okay. I never felt like a bother when it was midnight and I needed to talk to her because my life as it was became a beast I felt too small to conquer. She never once hesitated to FaceTime me when health issues became a concern because doctors don't always have answers that comfort us. A friendship that knows no distance is such a special force that only God can have His hands holding. I'm a woman who gets to have a light in my life from a friend who would undoubtedly do anything for me. She's a woman who makes an effort to pray for me, and be a part of me, every single day since we parted ways. I am so sad to think that some women don't get to have someone at their side, fighting for them, and completing that little space in their heart that longs for such a beautiful companionship...even at such a long distance. I'm blessed to have a friendship that makes me know I am not alone, ever. I pray that every woman gets to have a fierce, strong woman to build them up every day the way that I have. I hope that everyone gets to be so close with a friend, that the word "friendship" doesn't really even begin to touch what it really is.