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Frequently Asked Questions

Will you frame my artwork? 

At this time, I am not framing artwork. I can happily guide you in a direction on how to frame your piece, but framing is a very personal touch that I like to leave up to you!

So, what kind of frame should I buy? 

I highly recommend getting a frame with a mat inside of it. This won't cut off any of the portrait and it will make the piece look larger then it really is. You absolutely want to get a frame with glass in it to prevent a few things: warping of the paper's shape, possible spills or splatters hitting the piece, and discoloration from artificial or natural lights. The frame you choose should compliment the color scheme of the portrait, and it can be plastic or wooden!

How come the photo I sent to you wouldn't work? 

I need very detailed photos to truly capture what you would like me to paint. If the subject matter isn't facing the camera, or they are blurry, then I have to make up the details in the painting and, trust me, that isn't something we want. I haven't met the subject that I am painting, so I am relying solely off the photos you send me to capture your furry friend, human friend, or home. 

What materials/mediums are your paintings made of? 

I use watercolor paint primarily, but sometimes I stray and add some acrylic to really saturate the color depending upon the scene. I also rely heavily on pens and markers on top of the watercolor to get those details everyone loves to see. The paintings are always on heavy weight watercolor paper. 

Regarding Artwork...

Regarding Artwork...

Regarding Market Goods...

Are all the clothing products secondhand?

Currently, all clothing is secondhand except our scrunchies and bandanas. It is listed in the product description if it is hand sewed by Black Sage. We will soon have more hand crafted goodies to offer, so keep your eyes peeled for aprons, pillow cases, knitted cardigans/hats + much more!

Are the market items in perfect condition? 

No! And I say this with enthusiasm because secondhand + hand made shopping is about finding gently used and loved items and giving them new life. If items have small tears or stains they will be hand mended if possible by Black Sage Market before hitting the shop + it will be listed in the product description.

Do you wash the clothing before shipping it? 

Because of skin sensitivities and allergies, used items will not be soaked/washed before they come to you. But have no fear, I will never list items in the shop that have anything unsanitary or an odor of any kind.

How often will you be posting market goods? 

As often as the Lord allows! I am always on the hunt for high quality items that need new love. If you subscribe to our mailing list/follow us on Instagram + Facebook you will be kept in the loop about new items + when they are posted!

Regarding Shipping + Returns...

How long will it take to get my order?

Your order will be out in the mail in 1-4 business days (for market goods)

A custom piece will be 2-4 weeks depending on my order list, which is first come first serve. If you're worried about wait time, ask me before ordering. (for art)

How long will it be until my package arrives? 

We ship using USPS priority mail, which is 2-5 days in the US + 15 days internationally. As of January 2021, the USPS is still very behind due to COVID-19. Please know this and be patient as we cannot control what happens once the package has left our hands. You will be emailed a tracking number once your order has been sent out!

Are you shipping sustainably? 

Yes! Anytime we can use recycled/recyclable cardboard your order will come in it! We use paper instead of plastic to protect artwork as it packaged + have no extra nonsense coming in your package. 

Can I return my order/get a refund? 

We are a very small business that cares so much about your satisfaction. If you are ever unhappy with a market good or a custom piece of art please let us know.

With that being said, unless a product is damaged in the mail or arrives in a state that wasn't described in the product description we do not offer a refund. 

Part of slower and more conscious shopping is knowing that you want a product before you purchase it, so please be sure before you hit that order button. 

if you think you're eligible for a refund and need one, click here

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